D to the Mothafukin B, Waz yo problum dick'ead? (royce_the_52) wrote in candygrlz4mandy,
D to the Mothafukin B, Waz yo problum dick'ead?

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1st post

well my name is tiff but my friends call me db cause i love soccer. im 19 and i love the ladies. i always thought mandy moore was hot but after she became a brunette i was sold. and since i have seen a walk to remember almost 50 times against my will, its all good. so yeah have fun with this new community and stuff.
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She's okay looking, just too tall for my taste and her hair is too dark. v_v I love me short blondes. ^^ Yummy
I am totally in love with mandy. we should seduce her.
hells yeah

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finallty people respond yay

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yeah of course
yey...can I seduce mandy with u guys? It wud be fun!! xx
you sure can
ALSO sold after she went brunette... i love brunettes, being one myself :)
i have to say she looks the absolute best in how to deal.